Joining Sigma Psi. When you become a sister of Sigma Psi, you are joining a network of sisters spanning nearly 120 years of history. Our alumnae are pursuing exciting personal and professional goals across the country and around the world, but have a permanent home with Sigma Psi. Sisters support one another in pursuing the highest in character and virtue, and commit to a lifetime of promoting the values of our sisterhood and the interests of our community.


    Values. Sisters of Sigma Psi cherish the values of sincerity, faithfulness, and fidelity.

Sincerity represents our pursuit of honest friendship. Sisters work to become their best selves, and to understand and accept one another.

Faithfulness represents the strength we draw from our sisterhood. Sisters will face challenges in life, but our belief in our sisterhood and in each other endures.

Fidelity represents our highest ideal. It is our adherence to commitments and our belief that our word is our bond. Sisters keep their vows in their heart, and remain connected and committed to the chapter for life.


    Leadership. Sigma Psi offers extensive opportunities for high level leadership for collegiates and alumnae alike. The chapter encourages personal and professional growth through interactive membership development programming, and provides valuable leadership experience in the form of officership and volunteering.


    Citizenship. For over 35 years, Sigma Psi has been hosting the Mr CWRU Pageant to support organizations important to the Greater Cleveland community. In 2012, Sigma Psi adopted the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center as its official philanthropic partner, and has raised money to support their services for sexual assault survivors in Northeast Ohio. Additionally, the sisters of Sigma Psi engage in direct community service with a variety of organizations, providing countless time and energy to strengthening our community.


Life as an Alumna. Sigma Psi offers networking opportunities and support throughout the undergraduate experience, and by the time of graduation sisters have built a rich network of connections across various fields of study. Through social media, regional groups in major metropolitan areas, and the Sigma Psi Alumnae Board, sisters can make new personal and professional connections after graduation with women who share our unique history. For those looking to give back to the chapter, Alumnae Board positions and volunteer opportunities provide connection to active and alumnae members for sisters beyond college.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of membership, please contact our Alumnae Recruitment Advisor, Sara McCormick, at