Our Symbols and Traditions

Sigma Psi has grown and changed considerably since our founding in 1897. Some elements, like our values and badge, have been with us since the beginning, while others have been adopted as we've grown. Regardless, our symbols and traditions connect sisters past and future and strengthen our bond of sisterhood.

Our Open Motto

Ever Faithful

 Our Values

Sincerity, Faithfulness, and Fidelity

The Crest of Sigma Psi


 Our crest is a black triangle edged with gold and emblazoned with our letters. Surrounding the triangle are several golden wreaths.

Our Badge

Our badge is a simplified version of our crest, featuring our letters on a simple black triangle, edged with gold. This badge is given to all active sisters upon initiation.

Emeralds and Pearls

Our gemstones are emeralds and pearls, which can be seen on our formal badge. This badge has been dated back to at least 1900 and sisters continue to wear badges that have been passed down for almost a century.

The Daffodil and the Yellow Rose

Our flowers are the daffodil and the yellow rose, representing the warmth of our sisterhood. In the spring, the blooming daffodils bring a smile to each sister's face  

The Butterfly

The mascot of Sigma Psi is the butterfly, representing each sister's personal growth and development.


The colors of our sorority are green and gold