Our Symbols and Traditions

Sigma Psi has grown and changed considerably since our founding in 1897. Some elements, like our values and badge, have been with us since the beginning, while others have been adopted as we've grown. Regardless, our symbols and traditions connect sisters past and future and strengthen our bond of sisterhood.

Open Motto

Ever Faithful


Sincerity, Faithfulness, and Fidelity


The Daffodil and the Yellow Rose




Green and Gold

The Crest of Sigma Psi

The official crest of Sigma Psi



Our badge is a simplified version of our crest, featuring our letters on a simple black triangle, edged with gold. This badge is given to all active sisters upon initiation.

The formal badge is edged in emeralds and pearls. This badge has been dated back to at least 1900 and sisters continue to wear badges like this one that have been passed down for almost a century.

The yellow rose badge is given to alumnae upon graduation.

Founders Day: March 7, 1897

Sisters around the country come together to celebrate the day our sorority was formed. In Cleveland, alumnae and actives meet to share stories from our chapter's history.


Every November, the active chapter hosts Mr. CWRU, a mock male beauty pageant, to raise funds for our philanthropy, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. Mr. CWRU has existed continuously since the 1970s and it always a popular events on campus.

Holiday Dinner

Every winter, active sisters and alumnae celebrate the holidays together with a home-cooked meal. For actives, this marks the end of the fall semester and for alumnae, it offers a chance to stay in touch with the chapter. This tradition has been with us since the 1939s, in the form of either a potluck dinner or a formal tea.