11923 Carlton Rd
Cleveland, OH 44106


Class of 2020


Alexis Bugajski

Hometown: North Huntingdon, PA
Major: Biology
Minor: Spanish
Campus Involvement: Kids Against Hunger, Ceramic Arts Club
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Sig Experience
Fun Fact: My favorite thing to do in the summer is go kayaking.

Lyndsey Cole

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: History
Minor: Political Science
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Activation
Fun Fact: I once ate over 40 boneless wings in one sitting at the Jolly

Mia Huang

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Campus Involvement: Discussions, Tour guide, peer tutor, BME department office assistant
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Practicing stack with my big and my little 💖
Fun Fact: I am bad at using chopsticks

Briana Litchholt

Hometown: Westfield, NJ
Major: Environmental Geology & Environmental Studies

Position: President
Campus Involvement: CWRU Footlighters, Cataloguing Assistant at the Museum of Natural History
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Watching the Bachelor with sisters!
Fun Fact: I love going to concerts (I've been to over 40)!

Hannah Messenger

Hometown: Belmont, MA
Major: Physics and Music

Position: Alumni Chair
Campus Involvement: CWRU Symphonic Winds, Case/University Circle Orchestra, Women in Physics and Astronomy Club

Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Watching the eclipse with sisters at retreat.

Fun Fact: I spent a semester in Ireland.

Phuong Nguyen

Hometown: SaiGon, Vietnam

Major: Nutrition, Math

Campus Involvement: Discussions Journal, Swimming, Gym, Cycling, Running

Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Practicing Pyramid in the snow!

Fun Fact: I LOVE LOVE LOVE French, France, and everything about relating to French. I used to speak French alone, to myself

Molly Pfefferkorn

Hometown: Ellisville, MO
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Campus Involvement: Player's Theatre Group, Undergraduate Research
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Holiday Dinner!
Fun Fact: In my free time, I like to sing, build sets, and read comic books!

Michelle Rackish

Hometown: Easton, PA
Major: Psychology, Bioethics IGS

Minor: Chemistry
Position: VP of Recruitment
Campus Involvement: Footlighters, Tour Guide
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Running away from a security guard with Kim
Fun Fact: I was born on the day the Hogwarts Express leaves the station, so I'm probably a witch.

Eva Regelski

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Marketing
Minors: Computer Science, Studio Art
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Omega
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Hanging out with sisters in my dorm
Fun Fact: I LOVE skiing

Alexa Smith

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major: Biology
Minor: German

Position: VP of Membership Development
Campus Involvement: WISER
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Bid Night Spring 2018
Fun Fact: I love anything outdoors, especially camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing in my gorgeous home state. 

Kim Steere

Hometown: Jackson, MS
Major: Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Minor: Bioethics
Campus Involvement: Fencing, Case Engineers Council, WISER
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Running away from a security guard with Michelle

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in the Deep South but most people don't think I have an accent.

Lauren Walters

Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ
Major: Sociology
Minor: Social Justice

Position: Rituals Chair
Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Meeting my littles!
Fun Fact: I am enrolled in the 3+2 program with the Mandel School and am working towards becoming a social worker!

Sienna Warshawsky

Hometown: Portland, OR
Majors: International Studies and French
Minor: Arabic

Position: VP of Administration
Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Student Government, think[box] student worker

Favorite Sigma Psi Memory: Holiday Dinner!

Fun Fact: I spent this past summer working for an NGO in Morocco that empowers adolescent girls at the grassroots level.