Sigma Psi

Sigma Psi was founded on Case Western Reserve University's campus in 1897. We are proud to be CWRU’s oldest and only local sorority, and our sisters and alumnae remain deeply connected to our history and each other. Our values of sincerity, faithfulness, and fidelity guide us in our everyday life and encourage us to remain loyal to ourselves, our sisters, and our organization.


About Us

Sigma Psi has spent 123 years on CWRU's campus.



Our sisters and their experiences are what shape our sorority.


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Current Sigma Psi Happenings


Sigma Psi is Recruiting!

Spring Recruitment will soon be upon us! We love the home we've found in Sigma Psi, and hope that others can find their home here too!

Sister of the Month

Each month we recognize a sister for their outstanding contributions to the chapter and their embodiment of our values. Get to know this month's sister, Alexa, a little bit better!

Sisterhood Video

Check out our sisterhood video for a behind the scenes look at what it means to be a sister of Sigma Psi!


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