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Sigma Psi fosters leadership through a diverse offering of leadership positions and a commitment to leadership development. Within the chapter, sisters can lead in big and small positions or without a title at all. Sigma Psi believes that everyone has the potential to be a leader and to be a leader does not require a formal title but a desire to improve the world around you.

Leadership Postions

Within Sigma Psi, we have a variety of leadership positions ranging in responsibility. From our executive board to general officer positions, from committee head to committee member, every sister has the opportunity to develop their personal leadership style.

Leadership Development

Sigma Psi strives to develop its members through leadership training. We work with our Alumnae and the Greek Life officer to host workshops for sisters that address skills necessary to lead such as inter- and intra- personal relationships, appreciative inquiry, and strengths evaluation. 

Sigma Psi also encourages sisters to attend leadership conferences at CWRU and across the nation by helping sisters with application materials. The Sigma Psi Alumnae Association also supports sisters financially to attend these conferences. 

Leadership Outside of Sigma Psi

You can see sisters of Sigma Psi around campus in leadership positions! We encourage all of our sisters to pursue their leadership aspirations in all of the settings CWRU provides. You can see sisters around campus as Orientation Leaders and Tour Guides and on executive boards for clubs such as S.A.V.E., N.A.M.I, Relay for Life, RHA, UPB, and Pep Band! Sisters also lead within the Greek Community on community-wide committees and on honorary executive boards.

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