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Our Symbols and Traditions

The letters, traditions, and symbols of Sigma Psi are very dear to our members. They are integral to the chapter history and experience. Sigma Psi has grown and changed considerably since our founding in 1897. Some elements, like our values and badge, have been with us since the beginning, while others have been adopted as we've grown. Regardless, our symbols and traditions connect sisters past and future and strengthen our bond of sisterhood.

Our Values

The values of our chapter are sincerity, faithfulness, and fidelity.


Our Open Motto

Ever Faithful

Our Open Aim

A legacy of strong, independent members, we strengthen ourselves and our fraternity through sincere friendship and fidelity. The light of our sisterhood drives us to be ever faithful, holding strong in our lifelong dedication to our fraternity and the mission of self-improvement it was founded on.


Our Colors

The colors of our sorority are green and gold.

Our Mascot

The mascot of Sigma Psi is the butterfly, which represents each sister's personal growth and development.

Our Crest

Our crest is a black triangle edged with gold and emblazoned with our letters. Surrounding the triangle are several golden wreaths.

Our Badge

Our badge is a simplified version of our crest, featuring our letters on a simple black triangle that is edged with gold. This badge is given to all active sisters upon initiation.

Our Alumni Badge

The yellow rose badge is given to alumnae upon graduation.

Our Gemstones

Our gemstones are emeralds and pearls, which can be seen on our formal badge. This badge has been dated back to at least 1900 and sisters continue to wear badges like this one that has been passed down for almost a century. Recently, new formal badges were commissioned for the chapter which many sisters wear at our events.

Our Flowers

Our flowers are the daffodil and the yellow rose, representing the warmth of our sisterhood. Some pledge classes have planted daffodils around campus.

Founder's Day: March 7th 1897

Sisters around the country come together to celebrate the day our sorority was formed. In Cleveland, alumnae and actives meet to share stories from our chapter's history.


Every November from 1976-2018, the active chapter hosted Mx. CWRU, a mock male beauty pageant, to raise funds for our philanthropy, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. It currently holds the record as the longest-held greek philanthropy event. In 2018, the name was changed from "Mr. CWRU" to "Mx. CWRU", and contestants of any gender were welcomed.

Holiday Dinner

Every winter, active sisters and alumnae celebrate the holidays together with a meal. For actives, this marks the end of the fall semester and for alumnae, it offers a chance to stay in touch with the chapter. This tradition has been with us since the 1939s, and has taken on a variety of forms, including potluck dinners and formal teas.

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