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Membership Development

Members of Sigma Psi strive to help each other become the strongest possible members through the encouragement of continual growth. This is illustrated in the Sigma Psi Membership Development Program, also called the Triangle Program. The Triangle Program is Sigma Psi’s way to promote excellence, encourage sisters to expand their horizons, and connect the chapter experience to that of the individual.

This program is designed to help sisters track their personal growth both within and outside of the chapter. It consists of three parts: sisters setting individual goals based upon the development triangle, interaction between other sisters and the chapter, and recognition of the different stages of development. 

The Triangle Program offers development sessions based on three categories: Character, Powers, and Sisterhood. Character sessions and goals focus on personal development by becoming a better citizen and leader. Powers sessions and goals promote success in college and for future life through scholarship and career development. The Sisterhood sessions and goals relate to a sister’s involvement in the chapter and the Greek Community.

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