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Service and Philanthropy

Community Service

Sigma Psi is committed to serving the Cleveland community through our service and philanthropic partnership. Every sister commits to serving a minimum of 20 hours of service in the Cleveland community each academic year. Sisters are involved in service on and off-campus serving at sites like Rainbow Babies, Roxboro School District, The Cleveland APL, The Cleveland Food Bank, and our philanthropy the Cleveland Metroparks. Our sisters are leaders in citizenship, participating in the CCEL Scholars program and being recognized by the citizenship honorary, Lambda Eta Mu. As a local chapter, we are motivated to further develop local initiatives and enhance the community we live in.


Sigma Psi's dedication to the Cleveland community has led us to partner with several local institutions. The benefits the Cleveland Metroparks gives to the community are innumerable, and donations from organizations such as ours directly benefit conservation & environmental efforts. These donations go toward programs the center provides, such as educational programs, restoration of natural lands, & animal rehabilitation. All proceeds from our annual philanthropy events go to support the CLE Metroparks.

In the fall we host a philathropy event engaging the community while raising funds to help forward their mission. In the spring, we host an educational event highlighting the need for the CLE Metroparks and how we all can work to lessen our climate footprints.

Lambda Eta Mu and Sigma Psi

The CWRU Greek Community is proud to host a local honorary dedicated to recognizing outstanding leaders in the pillar of citizenship. Lambda Eta Mu believes that through a giving spirit, Greeks continue their dedication to the greater community and a better world. With great humility of spirit, LHM members will make a difference to humanity by lending a hand to those in need and in doing so will better their campus, their Greek community, and most importantly themselves.

We have had many members involved in this honorary over the years and serving on their executive board. Currently, Sigma Psi is the highest represented chapter in the organization. One of our alumni was a founder of this organization in 2010. Sigma Psi is thrilled to have a rich history with this organization and its commitment to improving the Cleveland community.

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