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Sorority Treasures

View some of our chapter's artifacts.

Flag from U.S Capital Building

In honor of our centennial, this flag was flown over the U.S. Capitol Building on May 27, 1997 by Representative Louis Stokes. The flag is currently displayed in our house, along with a letter from President Clinton with his congratulations.

Sigma Psi Week 1905

The oldest artifact we own is a scrapbook from 1905. The scrapbook holds photographs showing "Sigma Psi Week" by the lake, sisters having fun around campus, and graduation photographs. Among these photos, we can see our first flag and the formal badge we still wear today.

Sigma Psi loves to dance

This photograph from the 1950s is displayed in our house common room. Sisters would hold annual "Roaring Twenties" parties complete with flapper dresses and "a mournful rendition of 'The Fireman's Flame.'" We continue to recreate the scene at Formal and Date Party.

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