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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining Sigma Psi?


The benefits of joining Sigma Psi are numerous. There are events to help you succeed in class, such as time management events, study hours, and Faculty Luncheons; there are risk management events, one of which taught sisters self-defense; leadership events focused on long-term goal setting, or sisterhood events where we relax and hang out together. There are also the more intangible benefits: a family of loving sisters, support for your endeavors, a safe place to grow and understand yourself, and place where you can make a difference. It's often difficult to describe what all Sigma Psi can provide, but talking to sisters can help you develop a deeper understanding.  


What does it mean to be local?


Sigma Psi is one of the oldest local chapters in the country! All this means is that CWRU is the only campus to have a Sigma Psi Chapter. We have been on CWRU's campus for 123 years! When sisters have been asked about the benefits of being local they had a variety of answers!


"I love being so connected to our history. Everything that has happened or will ever happen to Sigma Psi takes place here. I love being able to walk through the same places all of my sisters before me have."

Another sister loves our connection to our Alumni.


"Our alumni our so involved and engaged in our chapter's development. I love our relationship with our Alum advisers and their lifelong commitment to Sigma Psi."


Being local also gives us independence over our programming allowing sisters to innovate and drive chapter development in unique ways. 



What is the time commitment?


Sigma Psi holds a meeting, chapter, for all its members once a week. Beyond this, the chapter holds events such as study hours, community service events (both on and off campus), scholarship functions, mixers with other groups, and sisterhood events for sisters to bond with each other. Our required programming and events tend to take up 4 hours each week. Sisters are by no means required to attend every event, but enjoy doing so!


How much does it cost?


New members dues cost $300 the semester you join. Active member dues cost $450 per semester. We recognize that this is a financial commitment and have payment plans for dues payments. You can save money by applying for financial awards sponsored by the Sigma Psi Alumnae Association. 



Where do my dues go?


All money from dues comes back to you. Any event hosted by the chapter will be paid through dues, such as retreats, dinners, community service and philanthropy events, scholastic events, and many others, and members will always know and have a say in where their dues go. If any sister needs assistance, we offer scholarships and flexible payment plans.



I don't want my grades to suffer?


Neither do we! All of us came to Case Western to receive an education, and Sigma Psi can only help you enhance that. Scholarship is one of the pillars on which Greek Life is founded, and we take this very seriously. Through the chapter, you can receive tutoring in nearly any subject, learn how to navigate the professional world, and receive advice from alumnae about careers, interviewing, and much more. If a sister is struggling to keep up with academics, we have a support system in place to get them back on track.



I don't want to lose my friends from before?


Joining the chapter doesn't have to mean the end of your former friendships. In fact, part of every member's development here includes being a part of and having an impact on the Case community. Part of what makes our sisterhood so strong is that sisters never feel as if they have to give up a part of themselves to fit in. 

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