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Sister of the Month

Each month we recognize a sister for their outstanding contributions to the chapter and their embodiment of our values.

Our sister we are celebrating this month is Elise! Elise was nominated by our sister Lauren, who wanted to recognize all of the fantastic work she's done as an officer and her dedication to our values. Check out an excerpt from Elise's nomination letter below!

"This sister deserves to be awarded this month’s SOTM because she works tirelessly to ensure things are running smoothly in the house. She’s had to handle a difficult caterer and rarely complains while putting in hours per week to make sure the house runs smoothly, often going above and beyond the minimum expectations of her officers position. Besides that, she is always there to give me a hug for any reason or no reason at all. I am nominating Elise for SOTM because she doesn’t get enough “thank-yous” and deserves to know how much we appreciate her hard work and friendship."