11923 Carlton Rd
Cleveland, OH 44106


Letter From the President


Thank you for your interest in Sigma Psi.

Our fraternity was founded 122 years ago on the CWRU campus after several women formed a group for academic and personal growth. These founders promptly initiated several women and celebrated with fireworks that nearly burned down Clark Hall. Their adventures created a bond that would be everlasting. The values that these women embodied still exist in our fraternity today.

Today, we have a thriving sisterhood full of sincere, fidelitous, and faithful members whose dedication and spirit contribute to the legacy of Sigma Psi. We’ve had sisters become leading experts in research, travel the globe, achieve 4.0’s, and so much more. The lasting impact that sisters have left on our campus and Cleveland community truly speaks to the dedication Sigs have for bettering themselves and those around them.

With pride, Sigma Psi is the only local sorority on CWRU’s campus. This allows us to be in touch with our history and ritual, as all events took place on campus. Additionally, our locality allows us to have a close connection with our alumni, as we all share the special bond of going through our undergraduate careers at CWRU.

Speaking from personal experience, I firmly believe that Sigma Psi has allowed me to grow in ways that no other organization could provide. My chapter gave me the confidence to be a leader, the opportunity to represent a local chapter at Greek conferences, as well as an insanely loving support system of people that I am lucky to call my sisters.

Please feel free to look around our website and learn more about our members and programs that allow us to achieve our highest potential and help those around us. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/compliments/etc, please feel free to email me at bxl353@case.edu!


Briana Litchholt

Sigma Psi President, 2019