Letter From the President

Hello and welcome!

My name is Anna Giubileo and I am the current president of Sigma Psi. Sigma Psi has come to mean so much to me in the years I’ve been in the chapter. It is my sorority, my family, my home, my sisters, and I am so excited to introduce you to our chapter. When I was looking for a sorority to join, I wanted somewhere I was welcomed as I was, but would also be challenged to grow.

Being a member of CWRU’s oldest sorority, and the only local chapter, has only enriched my Greek Life experience. Founded with an emphasis on academics and personal growth, we continue the sisterhood formed over 124 years ago. We have a unique connection with the campus, that allows us to be entwined with many campus-wide traditions and stories. One of my favorites is the story of how we almost burnt down Clarke Hall setting off fireworks one bid night.

Sigma Psi pulls from its rich history at CWRU and its vast network of alumni to support the active chapter. It was through talking with some of our alumni that I realized what I wanted to do after undergraduate was over, and it’s seeing my sisters succeed and thrive that pushes me to be my best every day.

When I joined Sigma Psi, I never saw it as going to change my life. But so much of the person I am today is because of the experiences and support I found in my chapter. Alumni I never met reached out to me to welcome me when I accepted my bid, and my great-grand-big has become someone who inspires me on a daily basis, despite us never being actives at the same time.

Sigma Psi gave me the inspiration to study abroad, to advocate for causes I’m passionate about, and to be the person I truly want to be, thanks to the encouragement and actions of Sigma. Psi’s. I am so honored to call some of the most intelligent, passionate, and driven people I know my sisters and chapter members.

Many of my best experiences in college have been through Sigma Psi. Screaming at a haunted house before Halloween, spur of the moment trips to get tattoos, and late-night zoom calls are just some of the moments I cherish.

Though our chapter has continued to change and adapt since 1897, our continued embodiment of our values of faithfulness and fidelity keeps us united and stronger than ever. This year is not how anyone imagined, but Sigma Psi has provided me support and community in a disconnected time. Virtual campfires, zoom paint nights, and virtual rituals keep us engaged with one another, and I look forward to seeing how we continue to thrive and encourage one another as we move into 2021.

Sigma Psi will forever be a part of me. We are not just sisters for four years, but instead, use our time as actives to forge a lifelong sisterhood. Feel free to look around our website to learn more about what it means to be a Sigma Psi, and how we take our values and apply them in the wider community. I would love to talk with you, share more of my experiences, or answer any questions you may have, so feel free to email me at amg276@case.edu!

With love,
Anna Giubileo
Sigma Psi President 2021

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