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Letter From the President

Hello and welcome!

My name is Isabelle Toler and I am honored to serve as the chapter president of this 125 year old organization!  I am excited to introduce you to Sigma Psi as it has become my home away from home.  Founded in Cleveland in 1897, Sigma Psi is CWRU’s oldest and only local chapter.  The chapter’s locality in Cleveland has been an amazing opportunity for me to learn more about the area and become more involved both on campus and in the greater community.  

I joined Sigma Psi in 2021 after spending my first year of college mostly online.  Although I did get to live on campus as a freshman, I did not have the typical first year experience such as attending classes in person or having extracurricular activities that were not on zoom.  Joining Sigma Psi in the spring was when I first felt I truly belonged on campus and in Cleveland.  What stood out to me was the opportunities for leadership and growth, the people I met, and most importantly the support I found in the chapter.  

To speak more about our special opportunities as a local chapter, we do not have a national chapter, and so we can directly make changes to our organization that best fit our active members.  Each member has the opportunity to effect change in our organization whether that means voting at our meetings, participating in philanthropy events, being a member of a committee, or taking on a leadership position. Additionally, because of our long history in the area, we have a strong connection to our alumni network.  Members have found career advice and opportunities from our amazing alums.  Our locality allows us to place an emphasis on personal growth for each of our members, and allows us to implement changes our members want to make.  The chapter might not be exactly the same as it was 125 years ago because of our ability to change, but each sister has a shared history at CWRU and a special connection to our rituals and values.  The sincere love and support found in Sigma Psi remains 125 years later.

Thank you for your interest in Sigma Psi.  Feel free to browse through our website to learn more about what it means to be a Sig.  Also, take a trip over to our instagram @sigmapsi to learn about upcoming events, see what sisters and alums are up to, or to talk with a member via dms.  If you have any questions for me too please reach out!  You can reach me at my email which is  I have an obsession with responding to Sigma Psi related emails and would love to talk with you! 

With love,

Isabelle Toler

Sigma Psi President 2022

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